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Category: Assembly Language

Write Great Code, Vol. 2: Thinking Low-Level, Writing High-Level

Randall Hyde

The Art of Assembly Language

Randall Hyde

The Art of Assembly Language, 2nd Edition

Randall Hyde

Principles of Computer Organization and Assembly Language: Using ...

Patrick Juola

Professional Assembly Language

Richard Blum

MIPS Assembly Language Programming

Robert L. Britton

LINUX Assembly Language Programming

Bob Neveln

Introduction to 80x86 Assembly Language and Computer Architecture

Richard C. Detmer

Introduction to 64 Bit Intel Assembly Language Programming for ...

Ray Seyfarth

LLVM Cookbook

Mayur Pandey & Suyog Sarda

Learning UML 2.0

Russ Miles & Kim Hamilton

Enterprise Integration With Ruby: A Pragmatic Guide

Maik Schmidt

Programming from the Ground Up

Jonathan Barlett

Assembly Language Succinctly

Chris Rose