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Wicked Cool Perl Scripts: Useful Perl Scripts That Solve Difficult ...

Steve Oualline

Category: Client-Server Computing

Programming Erlang: Software for a Concurrent World

Joe Armstrong

Flash Remoting: The Definitive Guide

Tom Muck

JavaServer Faces

Hans Bergsten

Building Web Services With Java: Making Sense of XML, SOAP, ...

Steve Graham

Server-Based Java Programming

Ted Neward

Java Enterprise in a Nutshell: A Desktop Quick Reference

William Crawford & David Flanagan

Securing Windows Server 2003

Mike Danseglio

Learning Windows Server 2003

Jonathan Hassell

Writing Apache Modules With Perl and C: The Apache API and Mod_perl

Lincoln Stein & Doug MacEachern

Stripes: And Java Web Development Is Fun Again

Frederic Daoud & Tim Fennell

Agile Web Development With Rails

Dave Thomas & Sam Ruby & David Heinemeier Hansson