Discover (Random Books)

A First Guide to PostScript

Peter J. Weinberger

Category: Data Processing

TensorFlow Machine Learning Cookbook

Nick McClure

Python Machine Learning Cookbook

Prateek Joshi

MySQL in a Nutshell

Russell Dyer

Pro Ajax and Java Frameworks

Nathaniel Schutta & Ryan Asleson

Elixir in Action

Sasa Jurić

J2EE Design Patterns

William Crawford & Jonathan Kaplan

Learning React Native: Building Native Mobile Apps With JavaScript

Bonnie Eisenman

Getting Started With Julia Programming Language

Ivo Balbaert

Sequence Analysis in a Nutshell: A Guide to Tools: A Guide to ...

Scott Markel & Darryl Leon

Windows XP and Office 2003: Keyboard Shortcuts

Guy Hart-Davis

Data Science From Scratch

Joel Grus

Effective XML: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your XML

Elliotte Rusty Harold

Code: The Hidden Language of Computer Hardware and Software

Charles Petzold

Essential Blogging: Selecting and Using Weblog Tools

Cory Doctorow

Data Munging With Perl

David Cross

Pragmatic Project Automation: How to Build, Deploy, and Monitor ...

Mike Clark

Mastering Python Design Patterns

Sakis Kasampalis

Learning Python Design Patterns

Gennadiy Zlobin