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The JasperReports Ultimate Guide Third Edition


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Accounting Succinctly

Joe Booth

Akka.NET Succinctly

Zoran Maksimovic

The Raspberry Pi Annual 2018


Android Programming Succinctly

Ryan Hodson

An Introduction to libuv

Nikhul Marathe

The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development

Mark L. Murphy

Android application development

Swetha Prasanna

Apache Solr Succinctly

Xavier Morera

Angular 2 Succinctly

Joseph D. Booth

Making Reliable Distributed Systems in the Presence of Software ...

Joe Armstrong

Art of Community, Second Edition

Jono Bacon

Arduino Succinctly

Marko Švaljek

ASP.NET WebHooks Succinctly

Gaurav Arora

ASP.NET Core Succinctly

Jacqueline Bieringer

Asynchronous Programming Succinctly

Dirk Strauss Mvc 4 Mobile Websites Succinctly

Lyle Luppes Web Api Succinctly

Emanuele Delbono

ASP.Net MVC Succinctly

Nick Harrison

A Unix Person's Guide to PowerShell

DevOps Collective, The