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Essential System Administration Pocket Reference: Commands and ...

Æleen Frisch

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Gil Strang

Programming languages C

International Standard

Building Skills in Python

Steven F. Lott

Compiler Construction

Niklaus Wirth

Cassandra Succinctly

Marko Švaljek

Camtasia Succinctly

Jose Roberto Olivas Mendoza

CakePHP Cookbook Documentation

Cake Software Foundation

Code Connected Volume 1: Learning ZeroMQ

Pieter Hintjens

A Course in Machine Learning

Hal Daumé III

Computer Networking: Principles, Protocols and Practice

Olivier Bonaventure

The New C Standard: An Annotated Reference

Derek M. Jones

Concrete Math Companion

Kenneth Eric Iverson

COBOL Programming


Understanding the Linux Virtual Memory Manager

Mel Gorman

Compiler Building Tutorial

Jack W. Crenshaw

Concrete Semantics: With Isabelle/HOL

Tobias Nipkow & Gerwin Klein

CoolAid: The Cool Reference Manual

Alex Aiken

Basic Lisp Techniques

David J Cooper Jr

What Every Programmer Should Know About Memory

Ulrich Drepper

Exploring CQRS and Event Sourcing: A Journey Into High Scalability, ...

Dominic Betts & Julian Dominguez & Grigori Melnik & Fernando Simonazzi & Mani Subramanian